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All Programs

Our kindergarten teacher and educators base the programs and all decisions regarding the planning and implementation of the curriculum on the two approved learning frameworks 'Belonging, Being, Becoming - The Early Years Framework' (EYLF) for Australia and 'Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework' (VEYLDF). Each child has their own individual portfolio which keeps track of their individual progress and development. These portfolios are kept in the kindergarten and are accessible throughout each day to families and children.


Various routine experiences and transitions take place during the programs each day such as meal times and rest time. These are planned and implemented with the children's needs and interests taken into account and are regularly reviewed with families and educators to ensure they continue to be in each child's best interests. These routines and transitions are an excellent opportunity for educators to develop children's emerging independence and to reinforce children's learning. For example, educators will often use the children's name cards to move the children away from a group experience to a meal or play time. 


Children participate in various collaborative projects and experiences relating to their expressed interests with educators supporting and extending them as needed. In addition educators provide a number of individual experiences to further children's individual abilities and interests. Many experiences encourage children to draw, paint, cut, glue, stick and tear while following slightly more complex instructions.


Alongside our regular programs we also offer different extra-curricular activities at the centre. Families are surveyed each year to ensure these programs are relevant to the children and families attending. Programs we have had in the past include language, sport, music and art. 


0 to 3 Year Old Programs

Our baby and toddler rooms have a ratio of 1 educator for every 4 children. This enables us to focus on their individual care needs while providing an educational program. These rooms have a more flexible approach to routine events such as lunch and sleep to facilitate individual and family needs. This allows us to provide increased continuity between home and the care environment.


Educators focus their programs around developing children's independence and resilience. In the 2-3 year old program there is a focus on transitioning to the kindergarten program which covers toilet training, social skills and independent eating at meal times. Our 0-2 room focuses more on nurturing and providing a safe, secure environment for them to grow and develop. 


Kindergarten Program

Our Kindergarten Programs are implemented within a multi-aged setting where educators provide opportunities for children of similar ages (3-5 years) to grow and learn together. While the children of both kindergarten groups are encouraged to learn and play together throughout the day they also have specific opportunities to play and learn within their own age groups, pursuing their own interests and developing at their own pace.


Our programs encourage children to learn through play in a structured setting which utilises both the indoor and outdoor play spaces. Educators scaffold the children's learning and development by providing a range of experiences based on the children's interests and abilities. They also take an active interest in the children's independent play and work together with the children to take their individual and shared interests further.


Literacy, numeracy and art are embedded within the kindergarten programs whilst also being specifically focused on during group times, experiences and interactions with children. In addition educators ensure there is a large number of environmental print including the alphabet, numbers and words placed around the room. Throughout the year educators will also incorporate science, the environment, technology, community and cultural events into the kindergarten programs.


Our Three Year Old Program focuses on developing the children's social skills and independence alongside their ability to communicate their emotional and physical needs. Educators hold short group times with the children and actively engage in the children's play in order to teach them how to share, resolve conflict, communicate with each other and play collaboratively.


Our Four Year Old Program focuses primarily on teaching children early literacy and numeracy concepts, encouraging fine and gross motor development through structured teacher led experiences and readying children for school. More specific concepts are explored and taught during group times and children are encouraged to make more active contributions to discussions and story times.