EMCC’s Sustainability Commitment 2023

Sustainability is at the heart of all we do at Yarra Park and Powlett Reserve Children’s Centre and Kindergarten. We see it as vital we leave the planet in better shape for the children to come, that we have found it in.

Goals for 2023

  • To utilise Reverse Art truck to source art and craft materials
  • To encourage children (and educators) to use the clothesline in the kinder yard and the clotheshorse in the baby toddler yard
  • To commit to the use of only 1 dryer
  • Recommit to the recycling of drip and drabs in the water cups to be put onto the garden
  • For the children to use paper that is used on one side
  • Use cardboard boxes as the base of box construction and pasting rather than paper
  • Participate in plastic free July
  • Commit to dropping the heating temperature by 1 degree to 20 degrees in winter and adding 1 degree to the cooling in summer at 22 degrees.
  • Commit to using recycled toilet paper
  • To use cloths to dry hands rather than paper towels.
  • Use water tank water for play and not mains water in the baby toddler yard

What we do

  • Use facewashes to dry hands
  • Use color-coded chux wipes rather than single-use paper towels for cleaning
  • Use water tank water for play and not mains water
  • Use environmentally friendly chemicals
  • Invested in a gardening program for the children
  • Use worm farm
  • Greens bin
  • Recycle our nappies
  • Committed to reducing waste
  • Use Waste Ninja to compost cooked foods
  • Use recycled paper in the office
  • Reusable wet bags
  • Battery recycle
  • Office put paper in box for children to use
  • No glad wrap
  • Silicone covers
  • Solar panels
  • Off the gas grid