Intergenerational Activity: Sewing/Threading/Knitting/Stuffing Class at EMCC Tuesday 23rd April 2024
Several residents came and joined our kindergarten children today. They explained, the exciting activity they had planned: lavender bags for their mums as well as sewing and knitting. The bags, had been pre-sewed, and the children chose which colour or style they liked. The children sat at the table, with a couple of our new friends, and they filled their bags, with lavender, using a spoon. They then added their name on the tag, and took it to the sewing machine, to be sealed.
When the children had finished, they had the choice to watch a knitting demonstration and to try it out or practice threading with the help of our friends.
Everyone had a wonderful time, and we are looking forward to our next activity: East Melbourne Library, discovering and experiencing an herb garden, followed by picnic, storytelling and activities.

Intergenerational Activity April

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