EMCC’s educational Leadership program

 EMCC’s Educational Leadership Program

East Melbourne Childcare Co-op (EMCC) employs an Educational Leader who works part time in a supportive non-contact role.

The Educational Leader provides guidance on educators’ pedagogy and professional practice. This includes supporting educators to build and nurture secure, respectful relationships with children and families, and assisting educators to articulate how and why they make decisions about the curriculum/program.

The Educational Leader also works with educators to develop their professional skills and knowledge. This includes providing training and support on a range of topics, such as child development, early childhood education, and curriculum planning.

The Educational Leader plays a vital role in ensuring that EMCC provides high-quality early childhood education. They work with educators to create a learning environment that is safe, supportive, and stimulating for all children.

Key aspects of the educational leader’s role in leading, developing and implementing the program include:

  •   Provides feedback on educators’ lesson plans and observations.
  •     Facilitates professional development workshops and discussions.
  •     Observes educators in the classroom and provides feedback.
  •     Supports educators to develop new skills and knowledge.
  •     Works with educators to resolve challenges.
  •     Promotes a culture of continuous improvement.
  •     Provides support to families
  •     Facilitates funding and support for children with additional needs

The Educational Leader is a valuable resource for educators and families. They are committed to providing high-quality early childhood education and helping all children reach their full potential.