Quality and affordable care for your child in leafy East Melbourne.

About EMCC

What is EMCC?

The East Melbourne Childcare Co-operative is a registered co-operative under the Co-operatives Act and has its own Constitution. It is sponsored by the Melbourne City Council. Parents, residents and staff are eligible to become members of the Co-operative.


Message from the Executive Director:

We believe that children’s experiences in our centres reflect the progressive, multi-cultural, educational philosophies of our staff – and that our programs cater to children’s changing needs in a changing world. We encourage you to familiarise yourself with our core staff and room programs, and to talk to us about your child’s needs.


Our Co-operative thrives on input from all who are involved with us, from management to staff to children and their parents. We believe that forming a partnership between the centre and each child’s family is vital. You know your child best, and our staff has valuable knowledge of and experience in early childhood development – each can be a wonderful resource to the other.


We warmly welcome you to EMCC and look forward to a long and happy association with you and your family.



Rebecca Vouch
Executive Director